As an administrator, Wabisabi Zen lets you manage everyone using the app in your school with ease. Begin at your admin dashboard in the app. Open main nav menu (click top left), and then under “Admin”, click “Users.”

Note: If you do not see the “Admin” section, contact us (link) to set you up with an admin account for your school.

Create User/Add User to Community

Once you have navigated to your user list, click the “Add/Create user” button on the top right.

Option 1—Manually: Click “Manually” and complete the form.

Option 2—Search for an existing teacher in the app: Click “Search & Add” and follow these steps:

  1. Search by name or email

  2. Click“Add to School”

  3. The teacher will be sent an email request to connect to your school—they must confirm the connection before you can see them in your school

Option 3—Bulk Import: This works the same way as bulk importing standards.

1. Download the template
2. Fill out the template & save as CSV
3. Upload the CSV

Edit/Remove Users in School

1. Navigate to your user list. Click on a user you want to edit.

2. You can make 2 changes to the user:

Update name & email

To update name and email, update the fields and click “Save Changes”

Add/remove from community

  • To add to the community: Search for community and select role, and click “+”.

  • To remove from the community: Hover over the existing community and click “x".

Remove user from school

Click the horizontal ellipsis in the user card (top right), and click “Remove from School”.

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