Begin by navigating to your school admin dashboard. If you are a school administrator but are unable to see your admin dashboard, please contact us at We’ll get you set up properly.

Achievement Bulk Import

On your side nav, click Achievements. Next, choose Add Standard in the top right corner.

Choose the Upload CSV option to begin your bulk import.

Create a copy of the spreadsheet template provided

Click on the big purple icon to view a copy of the spreadsheet template you will need, in Google Sheets. If you already have a CSV of your data handy, then you can skip to Step 6.

Create a copy of the template by clicking File > Make a Copy. If you do not make a copy, you will not be able to edit the spreadsheet.

Workbook Sheets

Sheet 1 of the workbook you have just copied has instructions for how to enter your data into the spreadsheet.

Sheet 2 of the workbook is a sample spreadsheet with example data on it.

Sheet 3 is the blank template you will use to input your data.

Input your data into your new spreadsheet

Make sure you are on the last sheet in the workbook (Blank Template). Input all your achievement standard data into your sheet.

Download the data as a CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file

Before we can use this data in Wabisabi, it must be saved as a CSV file. If you skip this step, the import will not work. To do this, click File > Download As > Comma-separated values (.csv, current sheet). This will download your data as a CSV, onto your computer.

Note: Make sure you are on the sheet with all your data when you do this

When your CSV is ready, head back to the Wabisabi app and click “Next”.

Upload your CSV file for validation

Click on the big purple icon to upload your new CSV. You will have a chance to review your data before you import. This may take several minutes.

Review your data

Almost there! If there are any errors in your spreadsheet, the app will ask you to fix your changes before proceeding. To fix your changes, go back to Step 4, update your sheet, download a new csv and try again.

If the app did not find any errors, you are ready to review your data for import. Click Next, and use the arrows to review your standards.

Note: You must review all your data (scroll to the very last set of standards) before the app will let you proceed to the next step.

Once you have reviewed all your data, and you are ready to import, click “Next”.

Click “Next” (Again)

Confirm and import your data

Satisfied with your data? Confirm that your data is correct by checking the box, then click Confirm & Submit. Your import will begin and could take several minutes.

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