There are a few different discussion channels on a portfolio entry for communicating with teachers and peers:

1. Default public channel for the whole class (parents cannot read this).
2. One channel for each learner attached to the entry (these are private channels--only the family and learner can see this)

Adding Comments

Starting from the home screen, just tap the balloon icon for public comments on any activity.

You’re now in the public comment view, and you can either see any comments that have been made or leave one of your own by tapping the area highlighted. Enter in a comment of your choice and click on Post.

Deleting Comments

To delete a comment, just tap the ‘three dots’ on the upper right on the screen. Next, tap 'Delete' when it appears.

You'll see a screen asking you if you're sure you want to proceed. Either tap "Yes, Delete It!" or "Cancel"—cancelling will revert back to the original screen, and 'Okay' will delete the comment forever.

When you're done, to exit from the comments view, just tap the “x” in the upper left-hand corner.

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