Change Publication Status of Units

In the top right corner, you will see the unit's current visibility status—it will either be:

  • Published: The unit is public and visible to you, your class, and your colleagues (if you have them invited as collaborators). Learners can also view and submit work on the unit in this mode.

  • Unpublished: The unit is private and can only be seen by you and invited colleagues—perfect if it's a draft you're still working on. Learners cannot see the unit in this mode.

  • Closed: The unit is visible to learners but not open to submit work.

Clicking on the status will bring up a quick drop-down menu that easily allows you to change the unit's status to one of these options.

The status menu for activities and units can be changed either in the Learning Activities dashboard or within the unit itself.

Change Publication Status of Learner Work

The status of a learner's work can be changed simply by choosing the status menu from the icons in the card (see below). The choices for this menu are a bit different. They include:

  • Public: The learner work is public, all learners and family members in the community can view it.

  • Attached Learners: The learner work is accessible only to attached learners and their family members.

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