Ever wonder what other learners are doing in your greater community? Explore and engage with learner work in your school from your Zenstream!

With the Zenstream, learners can view public portfolio entries, leave comments and share appreciation for others' accomplishments throughout their school and personal communities.

Notes and Tips

How can I access my Zenstream?

Access your Zenstream from the link in the main side nav

What do I do in my Zenstream?

The Zenstream is a place for learners to build connections and safely interact with other learners in their school. Use the Zenstream to get inspired and share your appreciation for amazing work

Which entries appear in the Zenstream?

All public portfolio entries (green entries) in your school and communities will appear in your personal Zenstream. Private (yellow) entries are never visible in the stream.

Who has access to the Zenstream?

All learners and teachers have access to their own Zenstream. The stream's contents are personalized for each user.

Can I see entries from other schools or communities I am not part of?

Your Zenstream is scoped only to your school and personal communities. We are not done with this feature yet, though--something bigger is in the works! Stay tuned for more updates!

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