Once you join and create an account and login for the Wabisabi Professional Learning Community, you land on the Home tab, which is your Activity Feed.

Your Activity Feed is personalized for you. And it's the heartbeat of your Wabisabi Professional Learning Community experience.

In the Activity Feed, you'll see the posts, articles, polls, questions, and events added by your Host and other members. Plus, your Host can also create a Welcome Section of posts for new members and a Featured Section for returning members that you'll see at the top of Activity Feed on each visit.

Topics, Courses, and Groups in Wabisabi Professional Learning Community Activity Feed

Topics organize you and other members’ content and activity. Right now, each post or activity can only be added to one Topic.

Additionally, your Host can also add Online Courses, Groups, or other features to the Wabisabi Professional Learning Community. They can make them free or paid, as well as private or secret as well.

As you join or pay for these areas, the activity from these private or paid areas also shows up in your Wabisabi Professional Learning Community Activity Feed. It's only visible to you and the members of that Course or Group.

Here's another way to think about it. The Wabisabi Professional Learning Community isn't like a Facebook Group, but rather like having your own Facebook with Facebook Groups and Events, among other features, all right there.

Where to Find Topics, Courses, or Groups in Your Activity Feed Posts

Again, these posts and activity for paid, private, or secret Courses and/or Groups only shows up in the Wabisabi Professional Learning Community Activity Feed for the members of those spaces.

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