If your Host has enabled these options for members in your Wabisabi Community, creating polls, questions and articles are all effective ways to kick off new conversations and share your experiences with other members.

When you're on the web, you can ask a question directly to everyone in the network by clicking on the + button inside of the box at the top of the feed and selecting the option to add a poll. From here, you can choose to ask a simple question or make your question a Multiple Choice poll, a Percentage Poll, or a Hot Cold poll.

To ask a question from the mobile app, just select the option to "Ask a Question."

Right now, you can only create new polls when you're on the web, but we'll be adding the option to the mobile apps very soon.

If topics are enabled by the Host in your Wabisabi Community, each post, question or poll added from this field can be tagged with a specific Topic. This post will then show up within that Topic and it will be surfaced to other members in the feed who are following that Topic. A post can only be assigned to one Topic at a time.

Create an Article

If your Host has enabled the ability for members to create articles, this is another great way to share your insights and experiences with others.

To create a fully-formatted article on the web, just click on the + button at the top of your Mighty Network and select Article.

You can also choose the option to "Expand to full post" when you're creating a simple post from the box at the top of the feed when you're on the web.

Within the post editor, you can add photos, embed videos hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook, embed audio files hosted on SoundCloud, and add file attachments (individual files are limited to 25mb each).

Format text

Highlight text that you’ve written in the full post editor to adjust the formatting, add a header or create links.

Add rich media

Access drafts of your posts

When you're creating an article on the web, the post form will auto-save any drafts you're working on before they are published. To access your drafts on the web, just click on your Profile Photo and go to Your Drafts.

One important note on drafts: While you can always edit your own post after it has been published, updates made while editing an already published post will not be auto-saved in drafts.

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