With so many rich conversations and topics to engage in, we want to make sure that you are not missing anything that might be important to your professional transformation. Get inspired and engage in your own practice each day by joining any (or all) of these Masterclasses:

Learning Intentions Masterclass - We will build our capacity to guide learners in developing their own learning goals and criteria for success, connected to clear curricular outcomes.

Foundations of Inquiry Masterclass - We will work together to develop our capacity as the facilitators of authentic, learner-centered Inquiry, that connects to clear curricular outcomes.

Blending Learning - We'll guide you through transforming your practice, not simply to crisis-proof learning, but to create truly authentic connections and learning experiences.

To access your masterclass, simply click on "Masterclasses" in your nav menu. This will take you to all the masterclasses available to you. Depending on your Wabisabi Learning Community plan, you may choose to join any of the masterclasses at no extra cost or for a reasonable fee.

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