If your Host has enabled these options for members in your Wabisabi Community, creating polls, questions and articles are all effective ways to kick off new conversations and share your experiences with other members.

When you're on the web, you can ask a question directly to everyone in the network by clicking on the + button inside of the box at the top of the feed and selecting the option to add a poll. From here, you can choose to ask a simple question or make your question a Multiple Choice poll, a Percentage Poll, or a Hot Cold poll.

Multiple Choice Poll

To add a Multiple Choice when you're on the web, just select the option to add a poll from the box at the top of the feed. Then, select the poll type you want to use. For Multiple Choice polls, you can customize up to five answers.

Hot Cold Polls

Hot Cold polls are for asking questions that might include answers that land across a positive or negative spectrum.

To add a Hot Cold poll, change the poll type to “Hot Cold” from the dropdown menu.

Percentage Polls

Hosts and members also have the ability to create Percentage polls on the web. To add a Percentage poll, just select “Percentage” from the poll dropdown menu.

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