How can I get your books, resources, and unit plans?

Our store is designed to be user-friendly for everyone. Hover your mouse over 'Shop' and from there choose the product type that you want to purchase.

If you want to take your time viewing all available products, you can select 'All Collections'

Can I buy a printed poster

All of our posters are currently available in digital download. You are welcome to purchase the digital format and ask a printing shop to print them in a poster size.

**If you are in the US or Australia, you may also reach out to us and we can provide a quote from our printing partners.

Are books printed or digital copies?

All of our books are available in printed copies while smaller resources are all available in digital download.

** We understand that postal services in select countries are affected by the pandemic and may not be serviceable by DHL. Please let us know so that we can confirm with our warehouse partner.

I would like a review copy of your books

If you are an author or an educator and would like to review one of our books, you may contact us and we will connect you with our publisher.

Can I use your resources as handouts for my class discussion?

You are welcome to use our resources as reference material for your class discussions/lectures. Please do not alter/edit the content and keep the original format including our logo (when available). If applicable, we would appreciate if we could be used as reference or source for the resources.

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