Discovery Feed lets you explore what is happening around the community. It serves as the "Features Section" for the network. To go to Discovery, simply click "Discovery" at the left side menu bar.

Once in there, you will discover different sections to explore!

  • Welcome - This section is about introductions, guidelines, beginner's conversations, and a lot of starter guides to help you navigate the community.

  • Topics - This section is for topics in our community that you want to follow. Discuss ideas, share resources, and just have fun!

  • Top Post - This section features our best posts for the week. Instantly join conversations, polls, and share your answers with the community!

  • Members Near You - One of the goals of a community is to bring like-minded people together. Connect and follow community members that are near your location through this section.

  • Top Masterclasses - Join Masterclasses that are of interest to you. Choose from our wide array of classes specifically designed for all your teaching needs.

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