Find anything easily with the powerful "Search Bar" in our network. It has distinct filter options to help you sort out the information you need.

Filter Option: Everything

To start, enter your keyword or search term. Then click on the filter option "Everything". The search results will show everything that contains the search term you are looking for and even related ones.

Filter Option: Your Activity

To narrow down your search to activities you've done, click "Your Activity" in the search bar.

Filter Option: Near You

With this filter option, you can view your search term results from community members near your location. This filter is essential for news and announcements in your area.

Filter Option: Communities

Use this filter option if you want to limit your search term results from that of the community you joined. This filter option is helpful for class or school-related discussions.

Filter Option: Masterclasses

Choosing Masterclasses as your filter option lets you discover classes that can help you with what you're looking for. This filter option is a great way of discovering Masterclasses that can help you in your teaching journey.

Filter Option: Members

Discover posts and discussions by members related to your search term.

Filter Option: Posts

This option limits the results to only posts (questions, articles, polls, photos, videos, links, or files) related to your search terms.

Filter Option: Events

Your search term might let you discover events happening around it. Choose the filter option Events to search for Zoom meetings and discussions relevant to you.

Filter Option:Comments

Instantly discover discussions that are happening around your search term.

Filter Option: Topics

There might be a topic dedicated to what you're looking for! Click on Topics as filter option when using the search bar.

Filter Option: Roles

Discover community members that can help you with what you're searching for. Roles as filter options allow you to find professionals of a topic within our community.

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