Creating an account on the Wabisabi store

Having an online account on the Wabisabi store is convenient as it saves your order history and shipping address which means that you don't need to manually enter this information the next time you place your order.

To create an account, go to our website and click on account on the upper right part of the screen. Click on 'Create one' and fill out the details requested (first and last name, email address and password).

How to reset my password

If you are unable to access your account, you may reset your password by going to our website.

Click on 'Account' on the upper right part of the screen.

Once you see the login page, click on the 'Forgot password?' link on the Password box.

Please note that you will be asked to enter the email address linked on your account to reset the password.

How to deactivate my account

If you wish to deactivate your account on our store, please contact us with your account details (name and email address) and we will delete you from our database. Please note that we are unable to delete order details.

What are your payment options?

During the checkout process, you may choose any of our current payment options: American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay, MasterCard, PayPal, Shop Pay, and Visa

If you are representing a school and need to pay the order via bank transfer, please let us know.

What currencies do you accept?

We currently accept payments on our store in USD. However, users may update the currency to AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD by clicking on the USD and selecting a different currency to view the equivalent value in a specific currency.

Please note that this feature does not allow our customers to pay the order using the selected currency.

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